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Piano ED. steingraeber bayreuth antique

Piano ED. steingraeber bayreuth antique Piano ED. steingraeber bayreuth antique Piano ED. steingraeber bayreuth antique Piano ED. steingraeber bayreuth antique Piano ED. steingraeber bayreuth antique
  • Товар №: 6990
  • Продавец: Anna88888 (0)
До окончания осталось: 308 дней 9 часов 1 минута
Доставка и оплата

Местоположение: Санкт-Петербург, Санкт-Петербург и обл., Россия
Доставку оплачивает покупатель

Способы оплаты:
  • Полная предоплата
Описание товара
  • Раздел: Музыкальные инструменты
  • Страна производителя: Германия
  • Возраст товара: 1875
  • Размеры товара: ширина 64 мм, высота 126 мм, длина 147 мм

Piano ED. STEINGRAEBER BAYREUTH with individual serial number 2952 was released in 1875, the factory Steingräber & Söhne, the oldest German manufactory, which was founded in 1852 in Bavaria, in the city of the great Richard Wagner — Bayreuth. Among the first clients were Richard Wagner and Franz Liszt, currently, artists such as Daniel Barenboim, festivals as La Roque d Anthéron (France) halls and House concerts in Vienna, the Theatre of the Prince Regent in Munich, Teatro Sucre in Quito or city Hall in San Francisco. The pianos Steingraeber & Söhne are single copies, is strictly produced according to the tradition of handmade at the factory in Bayreuth. This elite tool handmade with perfect acoustics, is a perfect addition – at its creation took at least 8 months of work. This explains the single-piece production. Piano in this class have the utmost reliability and offer high sensitivity for extraction of sound. The piano depicts the medal with the image of the first Emperor of Austria-Hungary Franz Joseph I. the Medal was instituted by Emperor Franz Joseph I 2 Dec 1873. Initially had the status of a commemorative medal was awarded to servicemen in recognition of 25 years of anniversary of the accession of the Emperor to the throne. The medal presentation was made to everyone who was on service in the army from December 2, 1848, on the day of issue of the coin. The medal depicts a profile portrait of the Emperor Franz Josef I right. The head of the Emperor crowned with a Laurel wreath. Around the circumference of the coin, the ring is the inscription "FRANZ JOSEPH I. KAISER V. OESTERREICH, KOENIG VON BOEHMEN ETC. APOST. KOENIG VON UNGARN." (Franz Joseph I, Emperor of Austria, King of Bohemia and the other, Apostolic King of Hungary). And currently on the following criteria: sound, game features, perfect design, the level of production and reliability Steingräber & Söhne holds a leading position, producing pianos of the highest world level. Dimensions: length - 147 cm, Height - 126 cm; Width 64 cm

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